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ShamPHree-ing or My Adventures in No Poo

As a professional hair stylist, it’s very strange to talk
about not washing your hair, but I’d
be a less than well rounded stylist/beauty blogger if I didn’t
familiarize myself with the exploding and popular hair care method
of no poo or shamPHree. For those of you like, ‘wuh’?!, it is using
baking soda solution and apple cider vinegar solution as your
shampoo and conditioner. There are tons of variations and tweaks,
but the goal is no pooing once a week to glorious,
healthy, manageable hair.
*gasp* I know, right!
ShamPHreeing results in your hair’s natural oil
returning. That means that your hair doesn’t
get as dirty and greasy waiting a week to cleanse. The benefits are
shiny, bouncy, frizz free, strong, and color-fast
. Not to mention it’s dirt cheap and natural!
I’ve only done it as of today and my hair is very shiny, soft, and
curling nicely without flyaways. My inspiration to try this new
method comes from How-To Hair Girl. In addition to being the best source of info
on no poo AND the person who coined the term ‘shamPHree’, her blog
is excellent for DIY, beautiful hair for everyone! There are even
dandy shamPHreeing kits!ShamPHree Kits
I’m hoping to bring a little life and love back to my platinum
(right now, anyway) locks. Also, I have eczema off and on which
would be lovely to conquer without steroids or other poo. Besides
the science that backs the method up, I have proven that simple and
gentle works well for the skin on my face so it should also on my
head. Over a year ago, I stopped using anything but coconut oil or
vitamin E, non-sudsing, cleansing cream on my face and I no longer
have acne or issues with visible texture. So, I’m feeling confident
about my move to shamPHree. I’ll continue this blog with photos to
document my personal shamPHree journey. More to come.
The pics in the tank top are on
shamPHree day 1, and the black jacket pics are on shamPHree day 6.