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How I Stay Boss


I thought I’d write a lil’ post so that you could get to know me better.

As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning, I realized that I’m kind of insane in the way that I approach my growth as a beauty professional.

As an example, I am working on my salon business plan, taking an online Small Business Association class on starting a business, watching a corrective color (when you fix a really horrible hair color) tutorial by Guy Tang, researching for posting to my business Instagram, and looking into starting a 12 week, intensive hair and makeup training in the hopes that I will not only be more awesome than before, but I might have a shot at working Fashion Week.

So, this is just a slice of what I do every day in order to become a better stylist. This is the kind of focus and determination that it takes to build my dream of success.

Now you know that I’m always looking out for the best for you when you come to my salon.

Red Carpet Worthy Bridal Hair

Here are some quick tips for having gorgeous, glamorous hair for your wedding day:

  • Come in with clean, 100% dry hair that is parted where you like it.
  • Put some bodifying product in before blowing dry so that you have voluminous and texture. This allows your stylist to pin and place your updo much better, and it will look full and sexy 😉 .
  • Do not flat iron.
  • Make sure you begin a healthy hair regimen at least a month before your wedding.
  • Get your hair colored 2 weeks before unless you are platinum blonde (1 week).
  • Buy a set of clip in hair extensions or get tape-in or other hair extensions method. Even if you have thick hair, the legth makes you have fairytale princess hair! (All bridal mag/show models wear extensions)
  • Buy fun accessories like Pink Pewter or find some cool antique brooches that can be pinned into your updo.
  • Check out Instagram or Pinterest for ideas and pictures to help design your look.

Congrats & have fun!