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Hello, Ombre!

For those of you who are platinum or way too washed out from blonding, I’m sure you’ve wondered how Victoria’s Secret models can look so sexy with roots and yours look harsh and trashy. Maybe you’ve thought of doing ombre, but aren’t really wanting a super dark base. I feel the same way. I want light, bright blonde and a soft, dark blonde ombre base. I also want to eventually stop doing an all-over root lightener and stick with balayage highlighting and ‘breaking the base’.

This is a tutorial that I found was lacking on the internet so that I decided to whip up my own. This isn’t something I’d suggest trying on your own unless you are a hair stylist or very brave person. I want to put this out there for fellow professionals to use if it helps them or for clients to take to their stylist to try on them.

Prep work:
Base: platinum/bleached out hair
If there are dark roots (level 5-6) lighten them one last time to a pale yellow so you’re starting out even.

Step 1
Section hair. I chose to use a pattern from Alfaparf Milano on Behind The Chair



Step 2
Goop up the ends of your sections with Beth Minardi’s Pre-Wash Treatment. I applied it all the way to an inch away from the scalp in the front three sections and the ones behind my ears. The crown section & rest I applied 2ish inches away from the scalp.


Note: This stuff is amazing!!! Not a conditioner. Not a color blocker. This helps smudge the color, repair, hydrate, and brighten the blonde to which it is applied.
Get Pre-Wash Treatment! You’ll thank me.

Step 3
Apply dark ombre base to root areas unsaturated by the Pre-Wash Treatment. I do horizontal subsections. Allow to process 15-20 minutes without heat.
* Important! Use a gold filler in your color formulation. Last thing you want are sad, muddy roots. I used 7Nbk and 8G Goldwell Colorance in equal parts.


Step 4
Rinse well, shampoo, tone if desired, and then condition.

The end result should be more of a root ombre or shadow.



I’ll add some better quality (non selfie, with better makeup and extensions) photos of my end result in the future.

Future maintenance/upkeep
I plan in either doing a level 7N/6NB on my regrowth or just ‘breaking the base’. If I break the base I may use a 9A for 15 minutes with a 20 vol. developer (I’m a level 5, mainly) or may use the Clairol Luminize Neutral for 15 minutes (as suggested by color guru Beth Minardi).
I will also do balayage highlighting of my root area occasionally to keep it blonde and blended.

Good luck! 😉