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How I Stay Boss


I thought I’d write a lil’ post so that you could get to know me better.

As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning, I realized that I’m kind of insane in the way that I approach my growth as a beauty professional.

As an example, I am working on my salon business plan, taking an online Small Business Association class on starting a business, watching a corrective color (when you fix a really horrible hair color) tutorial by Guy Tang, researching for posting to my business Instagram, and looking into starting a 12 week, intensive hair and makeup training in the hopes that I will not only be more awesome than before, but I might have a shot at working Fashion Week.

So, this is just a slice of what I do every day in order to become a better stylist. This is the kind of focus and determination that it takes to build my dream of success.

Now you know that I’m always looking out for the best for you when you come to my salon.

Customizable DIY Makeup Palette

Is your makeup kit in need of an exorcism? Are random brands and half-used eyeshadow palettes crapping up the zen flow of your professional or personal cosmetics?
Maybe you have makeup schizophrenia? No fear! I’ve got the cure that will make using all of your favorite products easy and neat as a pin. Impress your makeup clients and friends with this precise and professional upgrade to your kit!

I’m going to tell you how to de-pot your eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and beauty powders to put them into a customizable, magnetic makeup palette! Imagine all your favorite colors at your fingertips instead of the bottom of your makeup bag…


Magnetic makeup palette (MAC or Z Palette)
Tiny, hardcore magnets
E6000 Craft Adhesive
Wire cutters
Pointy steak knife
Rubbing alcohol20140708-133514-48914351.jpg

Depot your eyeshadow/blush/powder. I’ll detail how to do this for a MAC shadow… First, pop the eyeshadow out of the case by sticking the knife into the joint and turning. Second, cut a wedge out of the plastic surrounding the metal pan your makeup is in. Third, dip the knife into alcohol and drip some under the metal pan by sticking the knife underneath the pan & angling the knife so the alcohol will run down the blade. Fourth, move knife a bit to loosen the glue & pop out the pan. Fifth, glue a magnet with E6000 to the bottom of the pan.
Sixth, pop a magnet on the adhesive & let dry as recommended.











Step 2
Buy a magnetic makeup palette. I chose the large one by MAC.

Step 3
Place your magnetized eyeshadows into the palette as desired…


Step 4
Be an organized, makeup-loving, and happy artist!