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How I Stay Boss


I thought I’d write a lil’ post so that you could get to know me better.

As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning, I realized that I’m kind of insane in the way that I approach my growth as a beauty professional.

As an example, I am working on my salon business plan, taking an online Small Business Association class on starting a business, watching a corrective color (when you fix a really horrible hair color) tutorial by Guy Tang, researching for posting to my business Instagram, and looking into starting a 12 week, intensive hair and makeup training in the hopes that I will not only be more awesome than before, but I might have a shot at working Fashion Week.

So, this is just a slice of what I do every day in order to become a better stylist. This is the kind of focus and determination that it takes to build my dream of success.

Now you know that I’m always looking out for the best for you when you come to my salon.

Balayage Highlights with Extensions

Have you ever wanted to highlight, balayage, or take your hair to a rainbow color, but stopped dead in your tracks because you would have to bleach?

I hear this all the time. “I’d love to have a dramatic ombré, but I don’t want to bleach my hair,” or “I really want Rosegold hair, but does that mean I have to be platinum first?”

Lightening your hair doesn’t have to be damaging, but it is a commitment.

Highlighting Hair with hair extensions is commitment free and lightening fast!

Go from ombré, to highlights, to rainbow in minutes, and then do it all over again.

All you need is 2-4 packs of Hotheads tape in extensions in the colors you choose during your consultation and a certified hair extensions expert (wink, wink).

Here’s a link to a great video showcasing one method of highlighting hair with extensions:

What are you waiting for? Call or text me to book your commitment free color makeover!

I am in love with this technique!!!


Red Carpet Worthy Bridal Hair

Here are some quick tips for having gorgeous, glamorous hair for your wedding day:

  • Come in with clean, 100% dry hair that is parted where you like it.
  • Put some bodifying product in before blowing dry so that you have voluminous and texture. This allows your stylist to pin and place your updo much better, and it will look full and sexy 😉 .
  • Do not flat iron.
  • Make sure you begin a healthy hair regimen at least a month before your wedding.
  • Get your hair colored 2 weeks before unless you are platinum blonde (1 week).
  • Buy a set of clip in hair extensions or get tape-in or other hair extensions method. Even if you have thick hair, the legth makes you have fairytale princess hair! (All bridal mag/show models wear extensions)
  • Buy fun accessories like Pink Pewter or find some cool antique brooches that can be pinned into your updo.
  • Check out Instagram or Pinterest for ideas and pictures to help design your look.

Congrats & have fun!

5 Ways to Succeed as a Hair Stylist

The market is flooded with hair stylist and barbers, and it makes a lot of sense. You can make a killing doing hair, but there are a few things I’ve picked up along my 8+ years behind the chair and as a color educator that help build a clientelle and successful brand as a stylist.

  1. Education. This is KEY. I would consider it the most important part of being successful as a hair stylist. It keeps your clientelle coming back again and again as well as keep you excited and inspired about your job. Take classes at distributors, online, watch YouTube videos. Anything you can do to learn more. And, do tell your clients new things you’ve learned. They appreciate a stylist who is serious about their craft. 😉
  2. ‘Crawl til you ball.’ Expect to do odds and ends or a second job until your clientelle builds up. 
  3. Tell people who you are.  Think about 5 things you want people to think about when they think of you as a professional. Classy, cutting edge, signature looks? This is branding. Once you have a clear picture plaster your brand all over social media & make sure to take tons of pictures (Instagram). I’ve gotten new clients and old ones to return based on my pics.
  4. Pre booking discounts.  I’ve done a 10% off prebooking discount for years. Once you have a descent clientelle with no need of the 2nd job, get rid of it.  It is a business starting tool. Keeping it too long makes no sense because you will be working hard for a lot less than you are worth. Supply & demand.
  5. Retail. If you have the opportunity to sell your own retail it can enhance your business and income quite a bit. Clients get the great products that you are educating them about so they are walking advertisements for your brand. Also, extra money that can make up for cancellations on your book.

I hope these tips help aspiring and veteran stylists alike to a successful business! 

Do you use these strategies for your business? Have you had success or difficulty in the beauty industry? Feel free to drop me a comment or follow me on Instagram: @minxmolotov 

Customizable DIY Makeup Palette

Is your makeup kit in need of an exorcism? Are random brands and half-used eyeshadow palettes crapping up the zen flow of your professional or personal cosmetics?
Maybe you have makeup schizophrenia? No fear! I’ve got the cure that will make using all of your favorite products easy and neat as a pin. Impress your makeup clients and friends with this precise and professional upgrade to your kit!

I’m going to tell you how to de-pot your eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and beauty powders to put them into a customizable, magnetic makeup palette! Imagine all your favorite colors at your fingertips instead of the bottom of your makeup bag…


Magnetic makeup palette (MAC or Z Palette)
Tiny, hardcore magnets
E6000 Craft Adhesive
Wire cutters
Pointy steak knife
Rubbing alcohol20140708-133514-48914351.jpg

Depot your eyeshadow/blush/powder. I’ll detail how to do this for a MAC shadow… First, pop the eyeshadow out of the case by sticking the knife into the joint and turning. Second, cut a wedge out of the plastic surrounding the metal pan your makeup is in. Third, dip the knife into alcohol and drip some under the metal pan by sticking the knife underneath the pan & angling the knife so the alcohol will run down the blade. Fourth, move knife a bit to loosen the glue & pop out the pan. Fifth, glue a magnet with E6000 to the bottom of the pan.
Sixth, pop a magnet on the adhesive & let dry as recommended.











Step 2
Buy a magnetic makeup palette. I chose the large one by MAC.

Step 3
Place your magnetized eyeshadows into the palette as desired…


Step 4
Be an organized, makeup-loving, and happy artist!

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hair Extensions, but Were Afraid to Ask

As I sit pondering my next extension-enhanced hair style, I thought that it’s about time I put some of my knowledge out there.Extensions are definitely a girl’s best friend… Actually, a guy’s best friend too! Anyone who’s ever been in a style rut, had a too short haircut, set their hair to self-destruct with bleaching, or wanted long, glorious locks, this post’s for you.

Firstly, trust your stylist. The most vital step is getting a stylist who knows their stuff. This doesn’t necessarily mean certifications (those usually translate into a $$$$ price tag). It does mean that the person has experience. I have been doing my own dreadlocks, wig modifications, clip in, and track extensions since 2001 (it’s 2014). I’ve been doing others’ extensions since 2008. In that time, I’ve tried many application methods, cutting and styling techniques, and fixed many people’s styling woes with the help of extensions.
Finding a good, experienced stylist means asking around, looking at pictures, and asking your stylist for a consultation. From there, you can decide if they’re the right fit.

Secondly, consider the look and investment that fits your budget.
For example, fusion or micro beads cost $320 to apply and then the cost of the hair is usually $200-ish. So, the initial extension appointment is around $500. After that you have them replaced as they shed or moved up (micro beads) every three months for an hourly rate.
Some extensions can be used over and over like micro beads and tape-in extensions so all you have to do is buy them once and reapply them until they get too damaged or funky. Most of the time they last 3-4 applications. These types save big $$ because all you will pay for will be reapplying them once they’re grown out and the beads or tape to put them back in!
Tape-ins are my favorite extensions on a tight budget because you can buy them for as little as $90/pack (it takes 3-4 packs) online, and I charge $150 to apply them. They last up to 4 months and only need $10 tape to reapply! Reapplication is much faster so it usually runs lower than $75 (takes 40-1 hour).  This is the method I use on myself because of the longevity, thickness, comfort of wear, and tiny price tag when considering you only buy hair once a year!

Thirdly, Make sure you are willing to care for them properly by spending extra time and money on extension safe products.
Not taking care of your investment is always a bad idea. You can damage your own hair and the extensions if you are abusive and neglectful of taking good care of the extensions.
Also, they won’t last as long or look as good.
Treat them better than your own hair because they are drier and, chances are, have been through many a chemical service to look the way they do.

Fourthly, if you aren’t sure of something, ask your stylist or look it up! That’s what both are there for! However, on a side note, avoid texting your stylist at night or on Sundays. We have lives too! Do you want your boss texting you at these times? Hmmm?

Now, let’s talk about types of extensions:

This is what most celebrities have. It is very natural looking as they are 2-3mm in diameter with a keratin bond at the root that matches the hair. They are the most expensive because they are time consuming to apply and cut as well as to buy the hair itself.
They last 3 months.
These are not reusable unless you want to buy a heat gun and retip them yourself after taking them out the first time.
They require non sodium chloride shampoo as this can weaken the bond. You must also gently detangle daily with an extension brush and wear it up to bed.
Wait 24 hours after initial application to wash.
Always use heat protector and leave-in treatment as well as argan oil to the ends.
Never scrub harshly as shampooing and don’t blow dry the roots upward. This can also cause tangles.

Micro beads
Same as fusion EXCEPT these are reusable so you only have to buy them new every 3-4 applications
I suggest getting the kind with beads already attached to make for longer lasting application. Also, make sure they are silicone-lined and weigh a gram a strand. Otherwise, they look stringy.
Avoid oil or conditioner at the scalp.
Follow same care instructions as above.

My personal favorite, they are reasonable, reusable, fast to apply, and look thick.
2-inch strips applied with medical grade tape to just below the root so they can move and your scalp is happy.
Get a color that matches you after you’ve had your color as you cannot wash these for 3 days after application so the tape can cure.
No damage, no weird chemical removal (most are oil based removers), and very comfortable.
Reapplication means removing the old ones and buying new tape to pop them back in.
I have my clients buy the brand of extension’s suggested remover and do it themselves, washing and removing old tape. They come in with clean, dry, re taped extensions which saves them the cost per hour for me to do this.
It takes about 1.5 hours to apply & cut to blend at first, and then 45-1 hour reapplication.
They last up to 4 months.
Follow same care as above, making sure to keep oil and conditioners off the tape.

“How much hair do I need,” you say?
I suggest AT LEAST 200 grams per head. If your hair is thicker than normal or shorter than your shoulders, you need 200++ grams per head. With tape-ins, at least 3 packs (20 pieces per pack). Thick/short hair you’ll need 4+ packs.I’ve used several brands, but have old stand-buys I love. Hair Faux You Extensions, Hotheads, Hairtalk, The Hair Shop LA, Qlassy Hair, 808, Venus, Donna Bella, and La Prive are some favorites. I’m constantly looking for the best quality and price so these are subject to change. Just ask me. 😉

tape-ins, custom colored


Now, give those long, pretty tresses a whip!

Hello, Ombre!

For those of you who are platinum or way too washed out from blonding, I’m sure you’ve wondered how Victoria’s Secret models can look so sexy with roots and yours look harsh and trashy. Maybe you’ve thought of doing ombre, but aren’t really wanting a super dark base. I feel the same way. I want light, bright blonde and a soft, dark blonde ombre base. I also want to eventually stop doing an all-over root lightener and stick with balayage highlighting and ‘breaking the base’.

This is a tutorial that I found was lacking on the internet so that I decided to whip up my own. This isn’t something I’d suggest trying on your own unless you are a hair stylist or very brave person. I want to put this out there for fellow professionals to use if it helps them or for clients to take to their stylist to try on them.

Prep work:
Base: platinum/bleached out hair
If there are dark roots (level 5-6) lighten them one last time to a pale yellow so you’re starting out even.

Step 1
Section hair. I chose to use a pattern from Alfaparf Milano on Behind The Chair



Step 2
Goop up the ends of your sections with Beth Minardi’s Pre-Wash Treatment. I applied it all the way to an inch away from the scalp in the front three sections and the ones behind my ears. The crown section & rest I applied 2ish inches away from the scalp.


Note: This stuff is amazing!!! Not a conditioner. Not a color blocker. This helps smudge the color, repair, hydrate, and brighten the blonde to which it is applied.
Get Pre-Wash Treatment! You’ll thank me.

Step 3
Apply dark ombre base to root areas unsaturated by the Pre-Wash Treatment. I do horizontal subsections. Allow to process 15-20 minutes without heat.
* Important! Use a gold filler in your color formulation. Last thing you want are sad, muddy roots. I used 7Nbk and 8G Goldwell Colorance in equal parts.


Step 4
Rinse well, shampoo, tone if desired, and then condition.

The end result should be more of a root ombre or shadow.



I’ll add some better quality (non selfie, with better makeup and extensions) photos of my end result in the future.

Future maintenance/upkeep
I plan in either doing a level 7N/6NB on my regrowth or just ‘breaking the base’. If I break the base I may use a 9A for 15 minutes with a 20 vol. developer (I’m a level 5, mainly) or may use the Clairol Luminize Neutral for 15 minutes (as suggested by color guru Beth Minardi).
I will also do balayage highlighting of my root area occasionally to keep it blonde and blended.

Good luck! 😉

ShamPHree-ing or My Adventures in No Poo

As a professional hair stylist, it’s very strange to talk
about not washing your hair, but I’d
be a less than well rounded stylist/beauty blogger if I didn’t
familiarize myself with the exploding and popular hair care method
of no poo or shamPHree. For those of you like, ‘wuh’?!, it is using
baking soda solution and apple cider vinegar solution as your
shampoo and conditioner. There are tons of variations and tweaks,
but the goal is no pooing once a week to glorious,
healthy, manageable hair.
*gasp* I know, right!
ShamPHreeing results in your hair’s natural oil
returning. That means that your hair doesn’t
get as dirty and greasy waiting a week to cleanse. The benefits are
shiny, bouncy, frizz free, strong, and color-fast
. Not to mention it’s dirt cheap and natural!
I’ve only done it as of today and my hair is very shiny, soft, and
curling nicely without flyaways. My inspiration to try this new
method comes from How-To Hair Girl. In addition to being the best source of info
on no poo AND the person who coined the term ‘shamPHree’, her blog
is excellent for DIY, beautiful hair for everyone! There are even
dandy shamPHreeing kits!ShamPHree Kits
I’m hoping to bring a little life and love back to my platinum
(right now, anyway) locks. Also, I have eczema off and on which
would be lovely to conquer without steroids or other poo. Besides
the science that backs the method up, I have proven that simple and
gentle works well for the skin on my face so it should also on my
head. Over a year ago, I stopped using anything but coconut oil or
vitamin E, non-sudsing, cleansing cream on my face and I no longer
have acne or issues with visible texture. So, I’m feeling confident
about my move to shamPHree. I’ll continue this blog with photos to
document my personal shamPHree journey. More to come.
The pics in the tank top are on
shamPHree day 1, and the black jacket pics are on shamPHree day 6.





Unleash Your Inner Sex Kitten!

Ever thought it would be fun to try a pinup/boudoir style
photo shoot? Well, here’s your chance to do it up right!
Sex Kitten Sunday is your own
professional, one stop, pampering photo shoot where you get a
makeup artist, hair stylist, and photographer
to glam you up to the max! Focusing on modern pinup
style hair and makeup, we aim to make you feel sexy and beautiful.
The photos you receive make wonderful gifts for your loved one
(think Valentine’s Day) or yourself! Here are the
packages available:
$200 One pin up hair, makeup, scene,
outfit, 6 retouched photos $275 Hair
and one change, makeup & makeup retouch, 2 scenes, 2 outfits, 8
retouched photos $350 Hair (changes
for scenes as desired), makeup and touchups to keep you looking
glam, 3 scenes, 3 outfits, 12 retouched photos Additional retouched
or raw photos may be purchased from John McCarthy.
Appointments only with non-refundable 50%
Call or text
Murquree (Melissa) Lockhart
405-651-1508 or Lisa Maxey
405-830-3668 Find us online!
Sex Kitten Sunday






Rocker Chic Hair Trend

Just when you thought leather details & the moto jacket trend were dying out, rock n roll is here to stay. At least until Spring 2014 that is.

AG Hair Cosmetics new High & Dry Spray is rocker cool in a can! Get edgy texture with a matte finish with a misting of this stuff. It’s like dry shampoo and hairspray together, but not powdery or stiff.

Here are some lovely inspirational photos from the AG article & google image search for Debbie Harry: