5 Ways to Succeed as a Hair Stylist

The market is flooded with hair stylist and barbers, and it makes a lot of sense. You can make a killing doing hair, but there are a few things I’ve picked up along my 8+ years behind the chair and as a color educator that help build a clientelle and successful brand as a stylist.

  1. Education. This is KEY. I would consider it the most important part of being successful as a hair stylist. It keeps your clientelle coming back again and again as well as keep you excited and inspired about your job. Take classes at distributors, online, watch YouTube videos. Anything you can do to learn more. And, do tell your clients new things you’ve learned. They appreciate a stylist who is serious about their craft. 😉
  2. ‘Crawl til you ball.’ Expect to do odds and ends or a second job until your clientelle builds up. 
  3. Tell people who you are.  Think about 5 things you want people to think about when they think of you as a professional. Classy, cutting edge, signature looks? This is branding. Once you have a clear picture plaster your brand all over social media & make sure to take tons of pictures (Instagram). I’ve gotten new clients and old ones to return based on my pics.
  4. Pre booking discounts.  I’ve done a 10% off prebooking discount for years. Once you have a descent clientelle with no need of the 2nd job, get rid of it.  It is a business starting tool. Keeping it too long makes no sense because you will be working hard for a lot less than you are worth. Supply & demand.
  5. Retail. If you have the opportunity to sell your own retail it can enhance your business and income quite a bit. Clients get the great products that you are educating them about so they are walking advertisements for your brand. Also, extra money that can make up for cancellations on your book.

I hope these tips help aspiring and veteran stylists alike to a successful business! 

Do you use these strategies for your business? Have you had success or difficulty in the beauty industry? Feel free to drop me a comment or follow me on Instagram: @minxmolotov 

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